Cased Whitworth Rifle (B101)

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Research Projects

INDEX. Research Press is pleased to support those studying aspects of firearms or associated history. News and progress updates are welcomed if you have a research project with a view to publishing the results.

The Guns of the Ironclad “Riachuelo”

The Hex Bore project has a good archive / library of Whitworth research material, but now and again something new surfaces.

‘The Guns of the Ironclad “Riachuelo” and Their Alteration to the Armstrong System’ is a treatise by Duarte Huet Bacellar Pinto Guedes, First Lieutenant of the Brazilian Navy.

A Semi-military Whitworth Rifle (C778)

The finely engraved semi-military rifle C778 was sold by Rock Island Auction Co., 20 May 2023. There was a batch of these engraved rifles with spur trigger guard made around this time (c1862). This particular rifle was formerly in the George W. Wray Jr. collection, Atlanta History Center. It was subsequently sold by Poulin Auction Co, Fairfield, ME, USA, in October 2019.

Army (Whitworth Guns)

From the ‘Hex Bore’ Whitworth library: ARMY (WHITWORTH GUNS). Correspondence respecting the Trial of the Whitworth Guns, between the War Office, the Admiralty, and the Whitworth Company, with the Report of the Ordnance Select Committee. 1867.

‘Report on European Ordnance and Manufactures’ (1882)

Appendix 19 of the Report of the U.S. Department of Ordnance, 1882, is a ‘Report on European Ordnance and Manufactures.’ It extends over 50 pages of text plus 30 single page plates. English and French ordnance of the period and various systems of construction are covered. Included is a short section on Whitworth’s Guns, with breech loading gun details and including Whitworth’s own remarks on early trials and gun construction.