Alexander Henry, Edinburgh, Scotland

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Alexander Henry

Alexander Henry (1818-1894) was an Edinburgh gunmaker of muzzle and breech loading rifles including the Henry Fraser two position rifle. Henry’s rifling was famously used on the Martini-Henry rifle, adopted by the British Army.

Picture right from – Edinburgh Museums & Galleries: The Museum of Edinburgh (courtesy Richard Brown)

  • The Henry Rifle – A. Henry’s “entirely new principle in rifling fire-arms” [1861]
  • The Henry Rifle – Description of the Henry muzzle loading rifle [1862]
  • Obituary: Alexander Henry – A selection of obituary notices following the death of Alexander Henry on 27 January 1894

Alexander Henry Inventory – On the creation of an “inventory” of Alexander Henry’s rifles and shotguns, to gain an understanding how many are still in existence.

Henry Rifles

  • Rifle No. 824 – Cased match rifle complete with original accessories
  • Henry-Fraser Two Position RifleA.Henry & D.Fraser: Improvement in Fire-Arm. United States Patent Office. Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 201,524, dated 19 March 1878. (nb. the British Patent was applied for on 21 April 1877 and granted on 6 July 1877, under Patent No. 1559). Muzzle and breech loading versions of this rifle are known.