Research Press

David Minshall established Research Press in 1998 to share information on historical firearms, long range target shooting and military history. He has written for several publications, including Black Powder Cartridge News, Classic Arms, Target Sports and the NRA(UK) Journal. Since 2009 David has been the editor of ‘Black Powder’, the quarterly magazine of the Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain (MLAGB).

David is a keen shooter of historical firearms, has won club and national trophies, set several MLAGB National Records, and represented Great Britain in international competition.

Research Press web site has been rebuilt several times, as internet technology and content management systems have evolved. The previous versions was designed in 2017, and the migration to the current version commenced in January 2024; the most significant change being the move from the domain www.researchpress.co.uk to www.researchpress.uk.

To give longevity to the published information, the site content is also gradually being archived in Research Press Journal and/or Digest. The archived information is often in expanded form, especially within the pages of Digest.

Acknowledgments & Dedications to David Minshall / Research Press

  • Hugh T. Knight. Historical Shooting with the Snider-Enfield Rifle. (2023. Privately published).
    • Acknowledgment: I would like to give special thanks to David Minshall, an expert long-distance black-powder marksman, for his help with some of the more abstruse elements of Snider marksmanship and for allowing me to use several pictures from his collection; his expertise and generosity were extremely valuable.
    • Dedication: “For David, with my sincere thanks for your generous help. Hugh T. Knight.”
  • Roy Marcot, Ron Paxton, Edward W. Marron, Jr. Sharps Firearms Volume III, Model 1874, 1875 & 1877 Target Rifles and Model Variations. (2021. Northwood Heritage Press, USA)
    • Acknowledgment: The authors are indebted to the following arms and ammunition authorities who reviewed and critiqued the historical and technical information in this volume. David Minshall – England.
  • Kenny Wasserburger. The Complete BPTR Shooter. (2021. Privately published).
    • Dedication: “To: David Minshall, My fellow researcher and shooter. Best wishes my friend, warm regards, Kenny Wasserburger. 8.24.2021”
  • Brett Gibbons. The English Cartridge. (2020. Privately published).
    • Acknowledgment: The resources of David Minshall’s Research Press, so generously made accessible for free, were extremely useful.
  • Jonathan Grenville Kirton. Daniel Fraser – Gun and Rifle Maker of Edinburgh, Scotland. (2014. Arms Collecting Publications, USA)
    • Acknowledgment: David Minshall of Research Press in the UK for allowing me to share the copious amounts of information which he has accumulated on Daniel Fraser and his family and their activities.
    • Dedication: “To David Minshall, In grateful appreciation for all your help with this book. Jonathan Grenville Kirton, December, 2014.”
  • Gary Yee. Sharpshooters 1750 – 1900. (2009. Sharpshooter Press, USA)
    • Dedication: “To David Minshall, a fellow firearms enthusiast & student of Military history. Gary Yee. 4 Nov 2009”
  • Joseph G. Bilby, Civil War Firearms. (1996. Combined Books Inc., USA)
    • Dedication: “To David Minshall whose scholarship has been of great assistance. With regards, your friend, Joe Bilby. 5/30/99”