The Creedmoor Era

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In the latter part of the 19th century the Creedmoor Rifle Range, Long Island, New York, USA, was the venue for a number of international long range rifle matches that received widespread public interest and much press coverage.

  • Creedmoor Chronology – Key dates and events charting the rise and demise of Creedmoor Rifle Range.
  • Creedmoor, History of the Range – An early article on the occasion of the first annual Prize Meeting of the National Rifle Association. [1873]
  • Creedmoor and the International Rifle Matches – This article looks briefly at the origins of the National Rifle Association in America and the establishment of Creedmoor Rifle Range. It continues with an overview of the international long range rifle matches.
  • Challenge from Ireland to America, 1873 – Buoyed by their success in winning the Elcho Shield in 1873, Ireland wanted further laurels. A challenge to the ‘Riflemen of America’ for a long range rifle match was sent on behalf of Irish riflemen to the editor of the New York Herald. It was published on 22 November 1873.
  • Irish Challenge Accepted by the Amateur Rifle Club of New York – In November 1873 a challenge to the riflemen of America from the riflemen of Ireland for a long range competition was published. It was the Amateur Rifle Club of New York City that accepted the challenge on behalf of American riflemen.
  • Planning the International Rifle Match – In February 1874 Arthur Leech wrote to George Wingate, with the programme of the proposed international rifle match between Ireland and America.
  • To The Riflemen Of America – It was intended to organise an American team of picked riflemen, and the Secretary of the Amateur Rifle Club, F.P. Fairbanks, issued a circular to all native-born Americans.
  • Long Range Black Powder Rifle Target Shooting – a facebook group. Long range target shooting with the percussion muzzle loading rifle and black powder cartridge rifle. Historical study and shooting today. 19th Century competition at Wimbledon, Creedmoor and Dollymount. Rifles, ammunition and equipment. Riflemen and Gunmakers.
Research Press Digest 2024
  • Creedmoor and the Palma Trophy Match 150th Anniversary – Research Press Digest 2024 marks the 150th anniversary (1874 – 2024) of the momentous first rifle match between Ireland and the United States of America, and follows the story over the succeeding 40 years. This is an historical record of the formative years of international long range target rifle shooting. It tells the story of Creedmoor and the international matches of the 19th century, and the revival of the Palma Match in the early 20th century.

International Military Rifle Matches

Shooting competitions between the Rifle Volunteers of Great Britain and the National Guard of America were agreed for 1882 and 1883.

Rifles & Ammunition

Articles on muzzle loading and breech loading rifles and their ammunition can be found in the Firearms collection. Reference should also be made to Long Range Rifle Fire for broader studies on the subject.

  • Creedmoor Rifles, 1873 – American manufacturers responded to the need for a long range target rifle.
  • The Creedmoor Rifle, 1876 – Contemporary information on the basic form and ammunition for the American long range rifle.
  • American Rifles, 1877 – Here Irish gunmaker John Rigby offers his observation on Remington and Sharps Creedmoor rifles. [1877]
  • The Science of Long Range Shooting – Edwin Perry shares in his Modern Observations on Rifle Shooting (1880), some of the major changes / advancements at Creedmoor, in particular regarding bullet alloys.

Amateur Rifle Club

The Amateur Rifle Club of New York city was established in 1873. It was this club that accepted the Irish challenge to riflemen of America that led to the series of international long range rifle matches.