Long Range Muzzle Loading, Bisley, June 2024

A splendid weekend of long range muzzle loading at Bisley, with the MLAGB and the Long Range Rifles Branch! Shooting at 600, 900 and 1,000 yards. Long range shooting with the muzzle loading rifle is a challenge – there’s a lot that a changeable wind can do to deflect the heavy lead bullet from the centre of the target!


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Long Range Rifles, Bisley, May 2024

Friday 3 May – Sunday 5 May saw three days of training and competition shooting at Bisley with the Long Range Rifles Branch of the MLAGB. Ranges booked were 500, 600, 900 and 1000 yards. Shooting was mostly with muzzle loading rifle, but there were also a handful of black powder breech loaders used at some distances.

The Black Powder Target Rifle Federation

The proposed Black Powder Target Rifle Federation will encompass all types of Black Powder matches including, but not limited to Creedmoor, Midrange, the many gong matches held and 22BPCR matches even BPCR Silhouette. All of the different disciplines would have their own set of rules and requirements.

British Commonwealth Bayonets and Fighting Knives

‘British Commonwealth Bayonets and Fighting Knives’ by Ian Skennerton & Brian Labudda. Completely revised with new updates from prominent collectors in England, Australia, Canada, South Africa & New Zealand.

MLAGB at Bisley, April 2024

Shooting with the Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain at Bisley, 6/7 April 2024. Muzzle loading rifle at 300 and 500 yards; Enfield rifle and match rifle.

2024 Dick Hoff Memorial Match

The 2024 Dick Hoff Memorial Target Rifle Mid-Range Match will be held on 11 May 2024, at Miami Rifle and Pistol Club, Cincinnati, OH.

Sharps Firearms, Volume 4

Volume #4 of our Sharps Firearms series is ready to go to our printer and we are pleased to be able to again offer a pre-publication discount. The history and specifications of each model are accompanied by Ron Paxton’s superb photography. Volume #4 meets or exceeds the quality of the previous three volumes.

De Witt Bailey (1938-2024)

De Witt Bailey passed away on 9 March 2024. Those who knew him or his work will be aware of the huge legacy of study he has left us. I shall miss him greatly.