Pattern 1863 Enfield-Whitworth Short Rifle

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Pictured is a Pattern 1863 Enfield-Whitworth Short Rifle, of which something over 8,200 were manufactured during 1863 and 1864 for troop trials.

Enfield-Whitworth P.63
Enfield-Whitworth P.63
Enfield-Whitworth P.63 sights

Note the distinctive rearsight with ‘H’ (hexagonal) and ‘C’ (cylindrical) stamps and slightly different scales to suit the form of bullet being used.

The underside of the barrel has details including barrel supplier, date and serial number, along with inspection markings. The serial number may be on the back of breech plug below the tang. Below is an example of the type of markings that are found on the underside of the barrel.

Enfield Whitworth P.63 example markings

If you own such a rifle, or the 1862 Enfield-Whitworth, please get in touch. Pictures of these details would be much appreciated to be able to fully document surviving rifles.