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The following are research projects by Research Press, or collections of papers that the site has been granted permission to publish.

Hex Bore – the Whitworth Research Project

Hex Bore’ is the Whitworth Research Project for the study of Whitworth rifles and artillery. Whitworth’s experiments revolutionised rifle design.

News, updates, information and anecdotes will be found in the supplementary Hex Bore blog.

A.W.F. Taylerson papers

Historical Time Line – This is a transcription of about 240 5”x3” Index Cards compiled by the late A. W. F. Taylerson M.A., F Inst. D. It as a Chronological Reference System, assembled from many sources over the years. As a data source it lists events affecting the English, US and European Arms Trade from circa 1760 to late 1871. This is the first time that his detailed scholarly accessory has seen the light of day, and as such will, it is hoped, prove useful to students of the genre everywhere.

Research Press is pleased to support those studying aspects of firearms or associated history. News and progress updates are welcomed if you have a research project with a view to publishing the results. Contact: Research Press

Readers are also directed to the British Militaria Forums, where questions can be posted and knowledge shared with others.

Alexander Henry, Edinburgh, Scotland

Alexander Henry Inventory – On the creation of an “inventory” of Alexander Henry’s rifles and shotguns, to gain an understanding how many are still in existence.

Thomas Wilson

Thomas Wilson his Patents, Arms and Ammunition – Andrew Appleby in South Africa is researching the little known Victorian Engineer, Thomas Wilson. His rifle systems work was conducted during the 1860’s and later.