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BPCRnet was established in 2003 and finally closed in 2022 (albeit after a long period without update). The following articles have been retrieved from archive, and while many are quite old now they still contain relevant and useful information. Please contact Research Press if it is felt that copyright is infringed by reprinting these articles.

The shooting of black powder cartridge rifles is a great challenge and one which has very few finite rules. It involves almost continual experimentation with old and new components and equipment. For short range hunting and target practice, simple and proven reloading methods will provide suitable ammunition and accuracy. For those who want to surpass that level, specialized and developed handloads will always produce a significant improvement, just as it does with reloading for modern smokeless powder arms. 

The Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Reloading Guide was written by Dick Trenk in 2003. This is a different kind of reloading instruction text, not just advising how to do things but also providing the reason why they are done that way. While this guide still provides valuable advice and instruction, as ever ‘best practice’ evolves and wider reading of current literature on the subject is also recommended.

Additional technical information and articles from BPCRnet:

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