Whitworth Database Updates – 2024

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Whitworth Research Project – database management summary 2024.

  • Whitworth sporting rifle no. 482 has been documented. Sadly the barrel is missing. Remaining parts include the stock, lock, breech plug and some fittings. Trigger guard is missing and the hammer may be a later replacement. Although this is an incomplete rifle, it is new to the database records. 10 January 2024
  • Previously recorded in 2011, Whitworth military target rifle no. 976 has resurfaced. Records now updated and include a set of photographs. Likely intended as a prize / presentation rifle c1860, the stock carries a vacant oval plaque. 13 January 2024
  • Whitworth rifle B101 was identified in 1978, but no details beyond serial number were available. This rifle ‘re-surfaced’ in March 2024. It is a cased military target rifle, complete with accessories. Full details have now been gained and database records updated. 28 March 2024