Homer Fisher: A Brief Introduction

Homer Fisher sold his own brand of long range muzzle loading match rifle and other American breech loading long range rifles. He noted in his adverts that “All Long Range Rifles will, if desired, be tested and sighter at Creedmoor, without extra charge.” Fisher was a member of both the Amateur and Empire Rifle Clubs of New York and the US Team to Ireland in 1880.

Homer Fisher, New York, USA

INDEX. New York dealer who sold Fisher’s Muzzle-Loading Long Range Match Rifle and other American breech loading match rifles. Fisher was a member of both the Amateur and Empire Rifle Clubs of New York and the US Team to Ireland in 1880.

John Farquharson

John Farquharson was born in Glenfernate, Perthshire in the mid-1830s. He won many prizes and is notable for shooting from the “back”, or “Farquharson,” position. His patent breech action was eventually reassigned to George Gibbs, Thomas Pitt and William Ellis Metford.


The Farquharson breech, which is attached to the Metford rifle as manufactured Mr. Geo. Gibbs, of Bristol, is one of the oldest actions we have among the rifles of the present day. The inventor – Mr John Farquharson – is a Scotchman, and we remember having seen him at Irvine, in 1871, exhibiting the action, which was then fitted to a Henry barrel. Mr Farquharson approached several Governments with the view of getting his invention adopted, but it was just a little too late. Nearly all of them had selected a breech action shortly before, and they were therefore unwilling to re-open the question and incur additional expense before giving the newly chosen weapon a fair trial. Ultimately the action was purchased by Mr Gibbs, who proceeded to perfect it and protect it by letters patent under the Great Seal.

American Primer Ignition Long Range Deluxe Rifle

Description: .45 caliber, 34″ round barrel with Rigby flats. False muzzle. Very fine banknote-style engraving on the action, pistol grip cap and the rear tang sight base. Fancy checkered walnut stock with pistol grip and engraved metal cap. Fleur-de-lis checkered forearm with engraved metal nosecap. Checkered metal buttplate. A very rare and unusual rifle that is very high quality.

Charles E. Overbaugh

C. E. OVERBAUGH & Co. Manufacturers and Dealers in Guns, Rifles, and Sporting Goods, Nos 265 and 267 Broadway. – A reliable and successful house engaged in the manufacture and sale of guns and sporting goods in the metropolis is that of Messrs. C. E. Overbaugh & Co., whose shop and salesroom are situated at Nos. 265 and 267 Broadway.

Charles E. Overbaugh, New York, USA

INDEX. Charles E. Overbaugh has been reported as at one time Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company’s chief travelling salesman and exhibition shooter. He was instrumental in the design of Sharps Model 1877 Long Range Rifle. In 1878 he established his own business, C. E. Overbaugh & Co. Manufacturers and Dealers in Guns, Rifles, and Sporting Goods.

Obituary: Alexander Henry (1818-1894)

In the death of Mr Alexander Henry, a well known Edinburgh volunteer and gunmaker has been removed. About the year 1859 Mr Henry took steps, along with other Edinburgh citizens, to bring the formation of volunteer corps in Edinburgh. Although the gun barrel which made Mr Henry’s name known was invented in 1859, it was not till 1871 when it had stood the test of exhaustive trials that it was adopted by the Government, when it superseded the Snider breechloader.

The Henry Rifle

At the latter end of 1860, a short paragraph “went the round of the papers,” to the effect that a new rifle had been patented by an Edinburgh gunmaker. It was further stated that the inventor had, in a recent trial of his rifle, scored as many as eight points out of six shots at 1100 yards, the first shot being a miss, and the remaining five being made, up of three centres and two outers. To say that this statement took the whole rifle world – makers and marksmen, by surprise, would give but a faint idea of the effect produced.