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The 200th anniversary of the birth of Scottish gunmaker Alexander Henry was 4th June 2018. As his great great grandson, I’d like to create an “inventory” of his rifles and shotguns, so that we can have an idea of how many are still in existence. I realise this can never be “complete”, and will be “out of date” as soon as it is created!

Donald Dallas’ book “Alexander Henry Rifle Maker” lists all serial numbers from no. 120 (starting when he took over Samuel Gourlay’s business in 1852) to no. 8545.

If you own one – and you’d like to help … please let me know:

  • the serial number
  • some idea of where you live (country or city or post/ZIP code)
  • anything especially interesting about the gun or its history

Name and address don’t need to be given – no need for it, really. Personal information will not be shared with anyone – this is purely for my interest and research.

I will be putting this message up on internet forums, and also trawling through auction sites to see what they have sold in the past. In time, I’ll map the data on a world map (anonymity still totally preserved) using something like BatchGeo.

If you know other Alexander Henry owners, please let them know too! If you know of museums with Alexander Henrys, please let me know!

Please reply to: Alex henry rifles (one word) at gmail dot com

I hope this will be very successful – it will be very interesting!

Thanks, in anticipation!

Richard Brown

Alexander Henry’s great great grandson
Collaborator on “Alexander Henry Rifle Maker”

Facebook: Alexander Henry, Rifle Maker