Henry: Rifle No. 3383 – Henry-Fraser Percussion Target Rifle

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Henry-Fraser Percussion Target Rifle

This rifle offered for sale January 2011 for US$17,500
Dealer: Batterman’s Auction LLC

Item 201405
Alexander Henry Two Grip Percussion Target Rifle .451 caliber percussion rifle by Alexander Henry in an unusual two grip target configuration. Folding rear sight marked “George Gibbs” and “Rad 37.8,” with adjustable spirit level front sight with engraved platinum plug, triggers and guards at both grips to balance the trigger pull during shooting. Patent No. 12 with “Alexr Henry Edinburgh” inscribed on the front trigger guard, “Alex Henry Edinburgh and London Patent No. 3383” inscribed on the top of the barrel, Horn forend (ramrod hole filled) and butplate. Scroll engraved lock plate with safety, is marked “Alexr Henry”, signed “Joseph Brazier” on the inside of the lock plate. Stock is cracked, but repaired with other dents and bruising on stock and butt with carved cheekpiece. 34″ barrel, 50″ overall length, 14.25″ and 22″ LOP. This rifle is from the collection of William B. Ruger and is pictured on the Front cover, Back picture, extreme right of the frame and again on pg 314 of “Ruger and His Guns.”

Rifle lock

This rifle is based on a joint British Patent by Edinburgh gunmakers Alexander Henry and Daniel Fraser. Muzzle and breech loading versions of this rifle are known.

The British Patent was applied for on 21 April 1877 and granted on 6 July 1877, under Patent No. 1559. It is also recorded in the United States Patent Office: Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 201,524, dated 19 March 1878. A.Henry & D.Fraser: Improvement in Fire-Arm. [PDF]