Historical Time Line – 1840-1844

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  • J R COOPER’s English Patent #8347 21/1/1840 for use of central-fire nipples in pepperboxes. (The Revolver 1818-1865, p54)
  • Philip WEBLEY (late William Davis) established.
  • Islands of New Zealand officially recognised when Captain William Hobson, RN. was sent from Sydney as Lieutenant Governor to effect a treaty with the Maori people, the Treaty of Waitangi, 6/2/1840. Then NZ was proclaimed as part of the Colony of New South Wales under Governor Sir George Gipps. Increasing land disputes with the Maori and settlers over land ownership created the hostilities that lasted until 1870, known as the Maori Land Wars. (PHAB, McLean)


  • 3/1/1841, New Zealand was declared a separate British Colony in its own right, with William Hobson as Governor, it was not to be a Penal Colony. (PHAB – McLean)
  • Ames Mfg. Co. buys property of the Chicopee Falls Co. (The Gun Collector #41, p709)
  • Robert ADAMS, (50) resident at Grey Terrace, St Mary Parish, Newington, Brixton, Surrey, with Mary Ann (46) and Mary Ann (3), shown in 1841 Census H O 108/1065/Book. No 1, Enumerating District No1, p 4, with R.A. as in the ‘Iron Trade’. (Mrs Hesketh Williams(researcher). 30/6/1959)
  • J W RIPLEY (Major) becomes Commandant, Springfield Armoury. (NRA Handbook, p59)
  • W RYDER’s English Patent #8835 8/2/1841.
  • British trials of Belgium made Jenks carbines brought from Dr A JONES. Rejected. (Blackmore, p226)
  • William ELEY killed in explosion at Bond Street Works, 46 years old. Sons William Thomas, Charles and Henry. (Eley Brothers (1828-1928) J Pople-Crump. Guns Review, 3/1982)
  • James PURDEY elected to Master of Worshipful Company of Gunmakers of the city of London. (PHAB)


  • Deane, Dray & Deane (late Jenner & Dray) directory listing as stove manufacturers at 86 Chiswell Street, and 119 Bunhill Row.
  • George and John DEANE directory listing as hardwaresmen, ironmongers, cutlers and jewellers at 46, King William Street, and as saddlers at Arthur Street. (note no gun maker listing)
  • List of Newington / Southwark iron founders for 1842. (Southwark 24/8/1972)
  • F JOYCE & Co. acquired an ammunition plant at Waltham Abbey. (R G JOYCE and a brother operating as partners?)
  • A EAMES, introduced interchangeable work in the manufacture of Jenks’ carbine and pistol by the Ames Mfg. Co. (Fitch Report, p5)
  • First Afghan War finishes. (PHAB, Cochran p94)
  • Samuel COLT’s Paterson firm collapses, all manufacture suspended. Now engaged in submarine battery experiments and demonstrations with governmental financial support. (Armsmear, p 304) (PHAB)


  • Casimir LEFAUCHEUX’s French Patent 2/5/1843, for a pin fire cartridge.
  • American Machine Works established at Springfield, Mass, by P B TYLER. (Satterlee & Gluckman)
  • Ames Mfg. Co. receive U S Navy contract for percussion pistols.(Carey, p 3) 2000 arms (Gluckman, p83) – made at Springfield 1842 – 44.
  • J R COOPER’s Registered Design #86 7/11/1843, for a Pepperbox. (The Revolver 1818-1865, p51)
  • 28/12/1843. Patent date for Henry LOWCOCK’s English Patent #9998 – for an improved plough. Bradley alleges as made at Compton Forge.
  • James Purdey apprenticed to his father. (PHAB, Cochran)


  • Robert ADAMS resident in Newington?.(1851 Census at 30 King William Street)
  • Directory listings for Deane, Dray & Deane as stove manufacturers (same address as 1842); as saddlers (1842 address); and as warehousemen etc. Windle’s steel writing pens, manufacturers of firearms, at 46 King William Street.
  • J H BURTON takes employment at US Harpers Ferry Armoury.
  • London Proof House recognition of ‘revolvers’ as a separate arms classification. (The Revolver 1818-1865, p57)
  • W TRANTER in partnership with Hollis Bros.
  • Note directory listing as manufacturers of firearms for Georg & John DEANE, at 46 King William Street, as warehousemen etc., Windle’s steel pens. Saddlers at Arthur Street. The firearms mfg. Listing was not in the 1842 Directory. Note a pistol case label for 46 King William Street, as the ‘City of London Gun Manufactory’.
  • Henry LOWCOCK wins prize for one-way plough, at Royal Agricultural Society of England Show, Southampton, 1844. Made for him by Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies. (Museum of English Rural Life 10/11/1972)
  • Thomas Kinslake BAKER in Bury Street, St James, London. (PHAB)