American Primer Ignition Long Range Deluxe Rifle

Description: .45 caliber, 34″ round barrel with Rigby flats. False muzzle. Very fine banknote-style engraving on the action, pistol grip cap and the rear tang sight base. Fancy checkered walnut stock with pistol grip and engraved metal cap. Fleur-de-lis checkered forearm with engraved metal nosecap. Checkered metal buttplate. A very rare and unusual rifle that is very high quality.

Charles E. Overbaugh

C. E. OVERBAUGH & Co. Manufacturers and Dealers in Guns, Rifles, and Sporting Goods, Nos 265 and 267 Broadway. – A reliable and successful house engaged in the manufacture and sale of guns and sporting goods in the metropolis is that of Messrs. C. E. Overbaugh & Co., whose shop and salesroom are situated at Nos. 265 and 267 Broadway.

Charles E. Overbaugh, New York, USA

INDEX. Charles E. Overbaugh has been reported as at one time Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company’s chief travelling salesman and exhibition shooter. He was instrumental in the design of Sharps Model 1877 Long Range Rifle. In 1878 he established his own business, C. E. Overbaugh & Co. Manufacturers and Dealers in Guns, Rifles, and Sporting Goods.