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Research Projects

INDEX. Research Press is pleased to support those studying aspects of firearms or associated history. News and progress updates are welcomed if you have a research project with a view to publishing the results.

Homer Fisher, New York, USA

INDEX. New York dealer who sold Fisher’s Muzzle-Loading Long Range Match Rifle and other American breech loading match rifles. Fisher was a member of both the Amateur and Empire Rifle Clubs of New York and the US Team to Ireland in 1880.

Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

INDEX. The shooting of black powder cartridge rifles is a great challenge and one which has very few finite rules. It involves almost continual experimentation with old and new components and equipment. For short range hunting and target practice, simple and proven reloading methods will provide suitable ammunition and accuracy. For those who want to surpass that level, specialized and developed handloads will always produce a significant improvement, just as it does with reloading for modern smokeless powder arms.

Hex Bore blog

INDEX. Hex Bore is a project by Research Press for the study of Whitworth rifles and artillery. This blog includes project news, updates, information and anecdotes.

Research Press Library

INDEX. Research Press has a library of free to download documents (PDF files). Please respect the copyright of the respective authors. Subjects include firearms, long range target shooting and military history.


INDEX: ordnance
1. mounted guns; artillery.
“the gun was a brand new piece of ordnance”
synonyms: guns, cannon, artillery, weapons, arms, munitions, military
2. a branch of government service dealing especially with military stores and materials.
“the ordnance corps”

Charles E. Overbaugh, New York, USA

INDEX. Charles E. Overbaugh has been reported as at one time Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company’s chief travelling salesman and exhibition shooter. He was instrumental in the design of Sharps Model 1877 Long Range Rifle. In 1878 he established his own business, C. E. Overbaugh & Co. Manufacturers and Dealers in Guns, Rifles, and Sporting Goods.

Brunswick Rifle

INDEX. This curious arm with its two-groove bore and belted bullet remained in the hands of Regulars, Militia and Native troops for almost half a century.