Gun Barrel Markings

In three articles, The Crossed Sceptres & Crown Mark, Why The Tombstone?, and English Provincial Makers’ Marks, the authors discuss and illustrate the barrel markings found on provincially made English firearms. They have attempted to summarise the present state of knowledge and have drawn a few inferences.

Research Press Library

INDEX. Research Press has a library of free to download documents (PDF files). Please respect the copyright of the respective authors. Subjects include firearms, long range target shooting and military history.

Ammunition History

Reference documents relating to ammunition history. ‘Jean Samuel Pauly, Henri Roux, and Successors’ discusses the historical background and events of ammunition development.

British Gunmakers

INDEX. These documents are studies of British gunmakers and the gun trade. Included is a list of English and Welsh provincial gunsmiths and gunmakers from 1550 to 1850.

Firearms History

Reference documents relating to firearms history. The first article features the English snaphance lock.