Sharps Firearms, Volume 4

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Written by: Edward Marron

Model 1878 “Borchardt Patent” Rifles and other Sharps Model

—Pre-Publication Offer —

Volume #4 of our Sharps Firearms series is ready to go to our printer and we are pleased to be able to again offer a pre-publication discount. The history and specifications of each model are accompanied by Ron Paxton’s superb photography. Volume #4 meets or exceeds the quality of the previous three volumes.

Sharps Firearms, Vol. 4

This volume contains 492 pages and includes the following chapters: Model 1878 Military Rifles, Sharps Model 1878 Military Carbines, Sharps Model 1878 Officer’s Model Rifles & Carbines and “Special Military Rifles,” Model 1878 Long Range Target Rifles, Model 1878 Sporting Rifles, Model 1878 Mid-Range Target Rifles, Model 1878 Short Range Target Rifles, Model 1878 Schützen Target Rifles, Model 1878 Business Rifles, Model 1878 Hunter’s Rifles, Model 1878 Express Rifles, Model 1878 “A” Rifles & Model 1874 “Saddle Rifles”, Sharps Repeating Rifles and Lee Rifles, Model 1878 Overbaugh Rifles, Gunsmith Modified Model 1878 Rifles, Sharps Long Range Rifles in Great Britain & Ireland, Sharps Line-Throwing Guns, Sharps Double-Barrel Shotguns, Sharps & Hankins Rifles and Carbines, Modern Sharps Firearms and The Decline & Fall of the Sharps Company.

We expect to be able to ship books in two to three months. To pre-order and receive a ten-dollar discount and free shipping, please send a check (made out to Northwood Heritage Press) for $90.00 to Roy F. Marcot, 4680 W Placita Casa Sevilla, Marana, AZ 85658.

Sharps Volume 4