British Commonwealth Bayonets and Fighting Knives

‘British Commonwealth Bayonets and Fighting Knives’ by Ian Skennerton & Brian Labudda. Completely revised with new updates from prominent collectors in England, Australia, Canada, South Africa & New Zealand.

Sharps Firearms, Volume 4

Volume #4 of our Sharps Firearms series is ready to go to our printer and we are pleased to be able to again offer a pre-publication discount. The history and specifications of each model are accompanied by Ron Paxton’s superb photography. Volume #4 meets or exceeds the quality of the previous three volumes.

Knowing the Enfield – Pattern 1853 to 1865. Volume 1

‘Knowing the Enfield – Pattern 1853 to 1865 . Volume 1’ covers subjects such as accouterments, the British Volunteer Movement, pouches, tools, guide and parts. At 284 pages it covers a lot of information. It is a unique reference, beautifully illustrated, and perfect for the collector, re-enactor or competitive shooter.

British Ordnance Muskets of the 1830s and 1840s: George Lovell’s Legacy

Announcing “British Ordnance Muskets of the 1830s and 1840s: George Lovell’s Legacy” by Adrian Roads with contributions from De Witt Bailey. This new book identifies and analyses in detail 18 ordnance muskets from the 1830s and 1840s. As well as providing the history and details of the muskets of this important period when the Ordnance transitioned from flintlock to percussion arms. Newly published by the Royal Armouries.