Knowing the Enfield – Pattern 1853 to 1865. Volume 1

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The above is newly published by the author, Jon Huggett

Knowing the Enfield

I was delighted to receive Volume 1 of the newly published ‘Knowing the Enfield’ by Jon Huggett. Whilst the book introduces the muzzle loading Enfield rifle, readers will have to wait for Volume 2 for the detailed development of this family of arms. What this volume provides is a wealth of historical information on service ammunition, tools and accouterments. It also covers the myriad of accessories aimed at members of the Volunteer Rifle Movement, many of whom were keen competitive riflemen. For today’s historical rifle shot, there is a useful section of ‘Practical Modern Suggestions’ regarding bullets, lube and cleaning. It is a unique reference, beautifully illustrated, and perfect for the collector, re-enactor or competitive shooter. Research Press.

The book, is Hardbacked, A4 size, comprises 284 pages, and is profusely illustrated in full colour.

Full details and how to order can be found via the author’s web site: Curious Casper.