Traditional Creedmoor Match, 2024

Celebrating the 150th Anniversary
of the 1874 Match
Traditional Creedmoor Match
August 30 – September 2, 2024

August 3022 Creedmoor match 200-225-250 yards, 36 shots total
August 32Creedmoor 800-900-1000 yards, 36 shots total
September 1Mile match, 24 shots total
September 2Extra day for weather or other needs.

The Creedmoor Match will be shot on steel targets similar to what was shot 150 years ago. The target is 12 ft wide and 6 ft tall with a 36 inch bullseye. Course of fire will be 2 sighter shots and 10 shot for record at each distance. Scoring is 5 points for a bullseye and 3 points for an outer hit. Squadding will be similar to a buffalo gong match. Shooters will take turns until the squad has completed their strings. We will shoot each target until all competitors have completed that target before we move on to the next.

The 22 Creedmoor and Mile match will be shot in a similar fashion on steel targets.

All 22BPCRA, Black Powder Silhouette and Target rifle firearms and sights welcome. Muzzleloaders welcome. Any position including bench permitted. Cross stick are allowed. Black powder only, no gas checks. 

Pre entry required.

Medals will be awarded for each match as well as the big bore aggregate. Number of places will be dependant on number of entries. There will be no separation of scope, iron sight, or muzzleloader. Shoulder to shoulder. 

The match will be held at the Jim Wasserburger Ranch in east central Wyoming, north of Lusk off Hwy 85. Your GPS might get you there with 514 Redbird Road, Lusk, WY. 

Closest towns are Edgemont, SD at 37 miles, Lusk, WY at 36 miles, and Newcastle, WY at 50 miles. Range is 5 miles west of US Hwy 85 on Redbird road. (a good county gravel road) The nearby towns have hotels and dining as needed. Plenty of dry camping is available at the range.

Weather: It’s usually hot and dry but we’ve had snow at that time of the year. Plan for anything. Bring plenty of water, too much hot and dry can hurt you. There will be a lot of slack time between targets, shade, chairs, and snacks will be helpful

For more information: Kenny Wasserburger
307-689-4497 /

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