Rifle Volunteers vs National Guard (1882 & 1883)

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Written by: David Minshall

Creedmoor, 1882

A shooting competition between the Rifle Volunteers of Great Britain and the National Guard of America was agreed for 1882. On 14 and 15 September the teams of twelve met at Creedmoor in the USA. The match was fired at 200, 500 and 600 yards on the first day, and at 800, 900 and 1000 yards on the second. The rifles used were of military pattern, although not necessarily one authorised for service. Each man fired seven shots at each distance, and no cleaning between shots was permitted. The British team won scoring 1,975, against the American team score of 1,805 out of a possible 2,530.

In 1883 the American National Guard team had a return match against the British Volunteers at Wimbledon, England, on 20 and 21 July. The British team was again victorious scoring 1,951, against the American team score of 1,906.

The teams are identified below. Brief biographies of all riflemen are also available.

1882: 14/15 September ~ Creedmoor, USA
Rifle Volunteers
of Great Britain
 National Guard
of the United States of America
Captain: Lieutenant-Colonel Sir H. Halford
Adjutant: Private H. Smith
 Captain: Colonel J. Bodine
CorporalH.Bates PrivateF.Alder
PrivateG.Boulter CaptainD.R.Atkinson
CorporalW.Caldwell SergeantT.J.Dolan
SergeantJ.W.Dods PrivateM.D.Hinds
CaptainP.T.Godsal PrivateC.W.Hinman
PrivateJ.Goodear ColonelG.E.P.Howard
LieutenantJ.Heap SergeantJ.McNevin
MajorA.P.Humphry PrivateD.H.Ogden
PrivateR.McVittie SergeantJ.L.Paulding
SergeantP.Oliver PrivateJ.M.Pollard
CorporalC.J.Parry MajorE.O.Shakespeare
MajorG.Pearse PrivateJ.Smith

1883: 20/21 July ~ Wimbledon, England
Rifle Volunteers
of Great Britain
 National Guard
of the United States of America
Commandant: Lieutenant-Colonel Earl Brownlow
Captain: Lieutenant-Colonel Sir H. Halford
 Captain: Colonel G.E.P. Howard
Adjutant: Lieutenant-Colonel E.O. Shakespeare
Quartermaster: Major I.R. Denman
Secretary to the Captain: Captain A.H. Herts
CorporalH.Bates PrivateJ.H.Brown
SergeantJ.W.Dods PrivateM.W.Bull
PrivateG.C.Gibbs SergeantW.L.Cash
CaptainP.T.Godsal SergeantT.J.Dolan
QuartermasterS.S.Gouldsmith PrivateC.W.Hinman
MajorA.P.Humphry PrivateG.Joiner
PrivateC.F.Lowe SergeantJ.L.Paulding
PrivateR.McVittie PrivateJ.M.Pollard
CorporalC.J.Parry PrivateDr. S.I.Scott
MajorG.Pearse LieutenantW.Scott
PrivateC.W.Wattleworth PrivateJ.Smith
MajorS.S.Young SergeantA.B.Van Heusen