Ammunition History

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Reference documents relating to ammunition history. The documents below are free download pdf files. Please respect copyright of the authors.

Jean Samuel Pauly, Henri Roux, and Successors

– their inventions from 1812 to 1882 –
New Light on the Forerunners of Modern Fire Arms Ammunition

by Georg Priestel

Jean Samuel Pauly, Henri Roux, and Successors

This work should serve to explain the historical background and events of ammunition development with its brilliant inventors J. S. Pauly and Henri Roux, and to put these inventors in a better light than it had previously been. The author rewrites the early development of the Pauly and Roux cartridges. This composition of many individual pieces of a puzzle gives a picture of how the story went from the beginning to the modern central fire cartridge. (pdf file: 15.3mb)

For the student of ammunition as a professional, historian, researcher or collector, reference should be made to the International Ammunition Association. The IAA was founded in 1955 to serve cartridge collectors and professionals in the areas of ammunition research and forensics and their web site includes on line resources and discussion forum.