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Research Press Digest 2024

Marking the 150th anniversary (1874 – 2024) of the momentous first rifle match between Ireland and the United States of America, and following the story over the succeeding 40 years. This is an historical record of the formative years of international long range target rifle shooting. It tells the story of Creedmoor and the international matches of the 19th century, and the revival of the Palma Match in the early 20th century.

Research Press Digest 2023

British small arms manufacture, including Woolwich Arsenal and its manufacturing establishments and the Lee-Metford rifle at Sparkbrook. Also .303 inch Mark IV problems. NRA(UK) annual rifle meeting on Wimbledon Common. The Volunteer rifle and training. Rifle-shooting as a national sport (1899).

Research Press Digest 2022

Course of instruction at Hythe School of Musketry, 1860. A paper on Rifle Trajectories and Rifles. ‘Wimbledon and the Volunteers’ – life at NRA(UK) annual rifle meeting. A 1903 comparison of the Lee-Enfield and foreign rifles, plus the Magazine Rifle Mark 1 (Lee-Metford). ‘Field Practices on Classification Ranges’ of 1914.

Gun Barrel Markings

In three articles, The Crossed Sceptres & Crown Mark, Why The Tombstone?, and English Provincial Makers’ Marks, the authors discuss and illustrate the barrel markings found on provincially made English firearms. They have attempted to summarise the present state of knowledge and have drawn a few inferences.

Research Press Library

INDEX. Research Press has a library of free to download documents (PDF files). Please respect the copyright of the respective authors. Subjects include firearms, long range target shooting and military history.

Research Press Journal

Journal is Research Press occasional magazine that features firearms, long range target shooting and military history. Newly written articles and contemporary reprints. It is also being gradually used to provide an archive of the web site content in a printable and often expanded form.

Research Press Digest 2021

Rise and demise of the match rifle. Introduction to the Whitworth rifle. History of the Rifle Musket, Pattern 1853. ‘The Royal Small Arms Factory, Enfield’ at the time that the Martini-Henry rifle was in the hands of British soldiers. ‘The Small Arms of European Armies’ (1889). Early history of the School of Musketry. The British Volunteer System.

The Story of Creedmoor, 1874

In 1873 riflemen of Ireland challenged the riflemen of America to a long range rifle championship. The challenge was taken up by the Amateur Rifle Club of New York, and the match took place in Sept 1874 at Creedmoor. The Irish Team used their Rigby muzzle loading match rifles, while the American Team used Remington Rolling Block and Sharps match rifles.

Ammunition History

Reference documents relating to ammunition history. ‘Jean Samuel Pauly, Henri Roux, and Successors’ discusses the historical background and events of ammunition development.

Firearms History

Reference documents relating to firearms history. The first article features the English snaphance lock.