MLAGB at Bisley, April 2024

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Well the forecast said it would be breezy, and boy were they right! I spent the weekend of 6/7 April with the Muzzle Loaders Association of Great Britain at Bisley. Saturday was their 500 yard Championship and Sunday 300 yards. Each day there were two matches, one for .577 Enfield rifle and one for muzzle loading target rifle. The latter are typically .45 calibre rifles, with full stocks or half stock / pistol grip, and fitted with aperture sights.

The breezy weather continued throughout the weekend. I’m not sure if the wind reached the forecast 40mph gusts, but at one point on Saturday afternoon three target frames blew out! This necessitated a shift in firing points part way through the match due to the damage.

With the open sighted Enfield military rifles the only recourse for coping with the wind was to aim off. The adjustable sights of the match rifles allowed for a more consitent hold / sight picture, but the lulls and gusts in wind strength left no option but to aim off at times.

A great weekend for learning to cope with difficult conditions, both in the shooting and organisation on the firing point, making sure you kit didn’t blow away!

It was good catching up with friends from the UK and the Netherlands. Chance to share a sport we all enjoy, and a chat over a beer and meal at the Club Houses at Bisley Camp (the National Shooting Centre) in the evenings.