Snider Cartridge Creaser

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Written by: David Minshall

Snider Cartridge

The case of the Snider-Enfield cartridge was made of sheet brass covered with paper. It is attached to the bullet by being choked into the rear cannelure, as illustrated in the image to the right.

James Dixon & Sons, Cornish Place, Sheffield, manufactured a huge variety of implements for muzzle loading, pin fire and centre fire breech-loading arms. Their catalogue also included powder flasks, shot pouches, etc. Much equipment was for cartridge guns and rifles, including extractors, re-cappers, cartridge cutters, loading & closing machines.

For ball cartridges they included two similar cartridge creasers:

  • 1182 Patent Creasers, for ball cartridges
  • 2182 Patent Creasers, for ball cartridges, 2nd quality

The below image of the cartridge creasers is from their 1883 catalogue.

Ball Cartridge Creasers by Dixon

The photographs below show James Dixon & Sons ball cartridge creaser model 1182, for .577 cartridges. The plunger within the tube is adjustable to suit the bullet length / seating depth.

Dixon .577 Cartridge Creaser
Dixon .577 Cartridge Creaser
Dixon .577 Cartridge Creaser
Dixon .577 Cartridge Creaser